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How Your Trees Can Protect You and Your Property

How Your Trees Can Protect You and Your Property?

Trees have always been considered as vital components of ecological balance. And amidst environmental consciousness talks, start your awareness in your home by understanding the importance of trees and how these can protect your property.

First of all, eco-friendly measures arise today due to the adverse effects of global warming experienced in all parts of the globe. The impact of such phenomenon is not solely attacking the composition of the Earth especially the ozone layer. Your home is directly affected by it. With the powerful emission of harmful rays of the sun, your house can be damaged. The exterior walls and any furniture in your outdoors may fade their color immediately. They will become very aged. Also, some surfaces painted with ordinary paints chip off easily as they have prolonged exposure to the sun.

Of course, there are ways you can take upon to prevent such events from occurring. There are new window installations that have been built with UV ray blocking features. There are also UV ray resistant paint you can use to paint your windows, doors, frames and roof to help minimize breakage.

But a cheap and eco-friendly way to do it is by simply adding more trees, shrubs and other forms of vegetation surrounding your house area. Trees can help in protecting your home against injurious effects of sunlight. Especially if you are living in an area where the heat of the sun is extreme, the shade of the trees shields your roof from being corrugated easily.

There are numerous orchards, farms and gardening shops that can help you decide which type of plants your soil is likely to accommodate. You can opt for native plants so you do not have to spend so much on fertilizers and other chemicals to augment the growth of your plants. Ask your local garden shop so you can be aware of your plant choices. You can also have the large ones to maximize the shade you can get from them. The full grown ones are naturally more expensive compared with saplings. If budget is a problem, you still have to evaluate whether you have the luxury of time to grow a tree.

Furthermore, in picking the type of plants, choose accordingly to your space. Ensure that the area where you will place them will give them enough room for root growth and branch expansion. One last note here, you have to guarantee that you also have consulted your local area jurisdiction on tree-planting. There are certain restrictions per location about the only types you can put in your lot. Soil composition, water supply and salination are only few factors that can gravely affect their healthy growth.

Once you are decided to plant trees, give particular concentration of planting in the direction where the sun hits. This is so you can utmost sheltering during the hottest days of summer. Then again, it would still be best that you disseminate the plants in all areas of your house. By doing this, you are also improving the air quality and circulation going in and out of your house. Plus, as many trees surrounding your house, you can enjoy cooler air. You can easily save up on your utilities bills. Such cool air emitted by your vegetation can lead you not to operate your air conditioning.

Another benefit you can have is that they increase the aesthetic value of your home. If you choose to get herbal plants, you can benefit from its visual appearance and aroma. There are also big trees that can be used for herbal medication. Some can be used for food.

Trees are life, as they say. You and your home can definitely benefit from them if you know how to maintain their healthy condition and give them appropriate care.


Archer Wrigley

Archer lives in Orange Country, California. A nature lover and passionate about helping people to go green.

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