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Best Ways to Fertilize Trees

Best Ways to Fertilize Trees

People should be encouraged to plant more trees. This is mainly due to the many benefits that are brought along by the presence of trees in our environment. Most people neglect trees once they plant them. However, this should not be the case. Trees need proper care for them to grow properly. Among the things that are done to ensure the tree is well taken of is fertilizing. Tree fertilization is different from that of other plants. This is because trees need more nitrogen which can be gotten from nitrogen-rich fertilizers.
The main determinant of the best ways to fertilize a tree is by considering its age.


Newly planted tree

These types of trees are still young hence should have only minimal application. The best fertilizer to use is the one that releases the nutrients slowly. Use of quick release fertilizers may burn the leaves and the roots of the trees. To help you in deciding which type of fertilizers, one should use the fertilizer that is granular. Liquid fertilizer is quick release hence not recommended for the newly planted tree. The best times to fertilize a young tree is from late March to June depending on when the tree was planted


Rapidly growing tree phase

Application of fertilizer, in this case, is meant to encourage the rapid growth of the tree. One should use the recommended rate as per that on the fertilizer's label. This may be done twice a year to enhance the faster growth of the tree.

Mature tree phase

When trees mature their growth rate decreases. This also means that one goes slow on their application of fertilizer on the tree. The main purpose of fertilizing during this period is to enhance the health of the tree without encouraging excess vegetation growth.

How to fertilize a tree

Fertilizing a tree is not rocket science. It can be done by anyone. For one using granular fertilizer, they can scatter a few pellets of the fertilizer under the drip zone of the tree. Be careful not to over-fertilize since it may as well kill the tree. One should not put the fertilizer on the stem or leaves of the tree. Adequate watering should be done so that the fertilizer does not burn the roots. One should use the fertilizers that have high in nitrogen levels unless in cases where the tree may have a deficiency of the other nutrients.

Types of fertilizers to use for tree fertilizing

There are organic fertilizers and inorganic fertilizers.

Organic Fertilizers

This type of fertilizers comes from plants and animals. They are slow release fertilizers since they will first need to be decomposed by the soil microorganisms. They are easily taken up by the tree but will take longer before they are effective. They are also not easily found but are not harmful to the tree and no exact amounts are considered when applying the fertilizers. The best organic fertilizers include bone meal, chicken litter and manure among others. They are the best since they add more value to the soil after their application since they add nutrients to the soil.

One can also make their own organic fertilizer from sawdust, leaf mold, and aged pine bark. The only thing one may need to consider is improving its water holding capacity by mulching the tree after application.

Inorganic fertilizers

They are the frequently used type of fertilizer for trees. They have sodium nitrate, ammonium sulfate, and ammonium nitrates. They come in different rates of the combination of the above. The one best for trees is one with higher nitrogen amounts. They are also available in slow release and liquid for easy application. The application rates should be done as per the label.

Here's a video on how to fertilize trees:


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