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5 Reasons to Remove That Tree Stump in Your Yard

Reasons to Remove That Tree Stump in Your Yard

Having trees in your yard has its benefits, only if you have time for taking care of the trees and for the gardening. If you don't have some free time to do that, you might consider removing the tree. Before you call the right person for the tree removal, it is good to think about removing the tree stump that may be left behind after the tree is cut down. The yard or garden will not look so perfect with stumps sticking out of the ground. There is nothing wrong with leaving stumps in the ground, but here is five reasons why you might consider the removal of that tree stump from your yard.


Spotless yard - a yard without a stump

If you want a perfect looking yard, you will remove that nasty tree stump. It does not look very nice to have it in the middle of your garden and it definitely takes away free space. You could do something with that precious space, plant something else for example. Not to mention that the mowing of the lawn is much simpler and quicker when there is no stumps in the way. Also, it is much easier to sell the house with clean and neat yard, than with stumps in the yard.


Stumps are dangerous

The tree stumps can be hazardous for people. Imagine that you are strolling carelessly through your yard and you trip on that annoying tree stump. The spreading roots can cause tripping and falling over them. If you are having little children, the tree stump removal is almost obligatory thing to do. Especially if the children love to run around and they might get injured when they fall or trip over a tree stump. Tree stumps are hazardous not only to living beings, but they can also damage your expensive gardening equipment if your are not careful enough while mowing the lawn. Either way, they represent an obstacle that you have to bear in mind when you spend leisure time in your backyard.


Stumps can cause a new tree growth

The stump that is left behind frequently causes new tree growth around it. It is very difficult to remove these new trees. Their roots will take away nutrients from plants around them so they are damage to your garden. Their removal is complicated because once when you cut them, they will grow back again so you must use chemicals to prevent them from growing back. The chemicals will affect the roots of these new trees, but the chemicals will also have an affect on a nearby plants and they may suffer. In order to avoid all this, you should call a professional to remove a tree stump from your yard.


Stumps attract pests and insects

It is only a matter of time when this tree stumps will start rotting and then real problem might occur. The rotting stump is a paradise for pests and dangerous insects. The insects sometimes carry a harmful disease that can spread on other plants in your garden as well. Termites are common vermin that is especially hazardous because it will find a way to get inside your house. It seems that the rotting stump that is considered harmless can have a great impact on your residence. The invasion of ants, beetles and termites unnecessary if you simply remove a tree stump as soon as possible.


Pricey tree stump removal

The removal of a tree stump is not an easy job to do so you will have to call a professional service to remove it adequately. That is much expensive way for getting rid of a stump. If you want to avoid unsafe usage of chemicals or burning of a stump, remove it at the same time when you cut your tree down. Removing a stump immediately after the tree is cut down is much cheaper for you and it will be much faster way to get the perfect yard back again.

Archer Wrigley

Archer lives in Orange Country, California. A nature lover and passionate about helping people to go green.

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